How to choose cardboard ice cream cup
  • Choose cardboard ice cream cup
    The energy needed for the growth and development of the body and various physiological activities of the human body are supplied by food. Food safety is important because it helps protect consumers from the risk of foodborne diseases. It also helps prevent consumers from being exposed to health-related diseases.

  • Each Sowinpak ice cream cup is made of sturdy cardboard

    cardboard ice cream cups internal coating has excellent leakage resistance. Leakage resistance cardboard cup is not only suitable for holding frozen foods such as ice cream sundaes and desserts. The small size (10 oz ice cream cup ) of the ice cream cup is also suitable for holding honey, salad dressing, and other sauces.

    Sowinpak ice cream cups are made of durable BPA-free paper
    which is leak-proof and biodegradable. Choose things that are good for you and your family. Choose Sowinpak ice cream cups!


  • Sowinpak support exquisite custom printing ice cream cup. While delivering delicious ice cream, it will make your brand more eye-catching.

    Both leak-proof and biodegradable filling is an essential part of the cardboard ice cream cup

    with each playing a significant role in ensuring that all that reaches the client is contaminants, free and safe for use. At Sowinpak , we are dedicated to ensuring that your products surpass industry standards. Contact our team and let them offer their expertise to you.

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