Refresh the earth with eco friendly straw


Straws play a significant role in our daily lives, from dental children sipping milk, energetic adolescents drinking classic coke, to ageing people imbibing juice. Therefore if you have ever noticed how hazardous the plastic straw impacts on the environment, it would be inevitable that you try to find good replacements of plastic straw. Paper straw is one of perfect alternatives.

Paper straw generally is made of paper and the food-grade aqueous coating, which are plant-based, sustainable and harmless to our environment. Compared to plastic straw, paper straw is biodegradable and recyclable. So regardless of where it ends upit will decompose back to our land within 2 to 3 weeks. Paper drinking straws take relatively less time and ask for simpler degradable requirements to decompose and disappear. There are also some degradable plastics used at present. But it requires more rigorous natural degradation conditions which means a burden and consumption of resources.

Whats more, biodegradable paper straws originating from nature, your every bite is rest assured and you can savors the drink from a whole new taste. And during drinking time, the aqueous coating and the stiffness of paper material chosen can get done to prevent the straw from getting mushy which is not inferior to the use of plastic materials.

Nowadays, white pollution running rampant on our blue planet, more and more countries are increasing their restrictions on plastic. And all those plastic waste and pollution reports are warming us to wake up from a deep slumber of sheer negligence and stay conscious of our actions. Let us embark on the road of green life and start from using paper straw, the tiny thing!

Sowinpak, as a biodegradable paper straws manufacturer, we can supply custom printed paper straw, varying from size, style, colour, pattern and packaging. For instance, there is various paper materials for options and therefore we could provide white paper straw, kraft paper straw and bamboo paper straw. And our paper straw price is very competitive. Please contact us if you need and we look forward to cooperating with you.