Take advantage of "Limited plastic" to realize the value of "win-win"



Recently, straws attracted a lot of attention from restaurateurs, and several coffee and tea brands announced that they would no longer offer disposable plastic straws. Driven by mandatory policy regulations and leading enterprises, many restaurant enterprises have joined in the plastic restriction action, and the use of paper straws has become the general trend.


Take advantage of "Limited plastic" to realize the value of "win-win"

From paper straws to paper tableware is a green packaging direction. On the one hand, paper tableware can meet the market demand for environmental protection and create commercial value;  on the other hand, it can have a very low impact on the environment and create ecological value.


Uncertain to find sure, the number of wisdom to lead the way to win the competition.

​in the future, many "paper plate manufacturers" and paper cup lids companies, generally can not escape the "internal volume" of the industry, the fierce competition situation will not be significantly improved. Yet the crisis has also created opportunities. With the promotion of environmental protection policies in various countries, "PFAS free paper food packaging" will become more and more popular. The food and beverage innovation under the new consumption mode and the rapid development of food and beverage takeout will further promote the development of paper tableware.

In the era of great changes, only those who seek change through innovation, transformation and upgrading can seize the opportunities, seize the opportunities and surpass their peers. Many enterprises will find certainty in uncertainty, and further improve customer acquisition efficiency through digital tools to win market competition. ​using digital tools to enable them to achieve commercial value and ecological value to achieve a "win-win" situation, will ride the momentum in the market competition and explore a new way out.