Windowed packaging, no distance to products


When it comes to packaging, windowed packaging is certainly one of the stand-outs. Such a visible design not only helps customers in being selective, but also enables food production companies to maintain the competitive edge in the market.

As for the consumer, looking through a transparent window allows them to get an exact idea of color, shape and other characteristics of the product. That means the window design on the packaging can work as a functional tool to enable consumers to assess the products during the selection and purchase, such as freshness or product preservation. Especially for the FMCG products, it can significantly reduce the probability of buying unsatisfactory products.

From the perspective of merchants and brands, the windowed packaging is equivalent to a public promise of transparency and trust, it announcing “what you see is what you get”. Though it may lose some mystery and surprise of the products, it can capture the eye of the consumers and create a sensory interaction between consumers and products. In addition, it makes the products more recognizable and then the advantage of quick product identification can result in high sale conversion numbers. Only an innovation on packaging can drive market growth. Why not try it?

Sowinpak, as a packaging company in China, manufactures and supplies multiple windowed design packaging for options. If you look at our product catalog, you can see we supply these product lineswindow cake box/Tortilla box/pillow box/big window paper box/cover box/sandwich wedge. You can even choose how many windows you would like to have in your packaging. For example, there is a two-window paper box, one window on the top and the other on the front. And Sowinpak provides processing, customized manufacturing and other specialized services. No matter what you want about your packaging ideas, paper material, size, printing, style, Sowinpak helps you with them! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information!