Sustainable packaging: from plastic to paper


Demands for food safety and sustainable packaging have been on the rise due to the increasing national restrictions on plastic over the years and the impact of the epidemic starting in 2019.

Therefore, what is sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging is a philosophy of creating packaging materials that prioritizes environmental concerns. 

When it comes to sustainable packages, it’s inevitable to mention how the role of material innovations can play to boost packaging circularity. Materials that can be reused or recycled can significantly reduce the amount of garbage that goes into landfills. Paper would probably be the first go-to recyclable packaging material that many consumers perceive for choice.

Paper, paired with an ever-innovative lamination process, can perfectly help balance those various requirements on sustainable packaging-- financial, social and environmental. It’s a reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging material. Because of its light weight, the products made of paper can greatly save store space and reduce transportation costs. In addition, as a familiar material, it naturally provides peace of mind to help assure safety in the items during selection and purchase.

Paper, has more value, less waste.

Sowinpak is a professional company who supplies excellent quality paper packaging solutions for Food Service and Food Industries. We can use various paper materials for production, such as whiter paper/kraft paper/bamboo paper/composite paper/special paper. From responsible to remarkable, Sowinpak proves you can have it all-- material beauty, environmental integrity, and performance. Whether it’s regular snack boxes, paper cutlery, custom solutions or any design project, Sowinpak empowers brands to take their sustainable goals wherever they may lead.

For today’s needs, and tomorrow’s, sustainable packaging is a wise road. And Sowinpak helps you with it. Please contact us if you want to know any further information.