Ripple wall cups match better with winter


In winter, anyone would like their hot drinks to stay hotter for longer. Then ripple wall cups and disposable and biodegradable sip-up lids could be your first choice, and they are suitable for a variety of hot beverages.

To be precise, ripple wall cup or corrugated cup is a new type of coffee cup, whose out layer is a wall of corrugated paper arranged neatly and the layer inside is coated paper.

Here comes the question: why corrugated? Why is corrugated paper preferring packaging material?

Corrugated paper has two main components: the liner and the medium. Such structure and design make it specifically suitable for the application to prevent damage during delivery, storage, and effective heat insulation for food packaging.

Therefore, with the use of corrugated paper and coated paper, ripple wall cup has several outstanding advantages.

Environmental responsible: more than 80% of corrugated paper can be recycled and coated paper could be industrial degradation. Thereby, the ripple wall cup has a good environmental record.

Tenaciously protective: formed by two layers of paper, ripple wall cup could shield the drinker from the scorching temperatures of coffee and other hot liquids. In addition, because of the specific texture of corrugated paper, which combines structure rigidity with superior cushioning qualities, corrugated container nest products in an optimal protective environment.

Graphically appealing: corrugated outside are mobile billboards that catch the customers’ eyes and promote brands, even eliminate the need for external printing. Why don’t make ripple wall cup become a symbol of your brand?

As a professional packaging company, Sowinpak specializes in providing high quality paper materials and related food packages. And we can provide the perfect corrugated solutions and produce available both E flute and F flute. Two layers of corrugated paper could be applied to out sleeve of ripple paper cup.

Sowinpak helps you in choosing the right cup for your solution and please feel free to contact us if you want any further information.