Tips for choosing paper food containers


Paper food containers can be found everywhere in our lives, such as paper bags for bread, paper boxes for chips and chicken wings in fast food restaurants, disposable paper cups for entertaining guests at home, etc. Paper containers are always used for holding hot and cold drinks and hot and cold food. Compostable and recyclable under certain materials, have high environmental protection value.

How good is the quality of these various paper products? How should we choose these various paper food containers? Sowinpak will share tips for buying a paper food container for your reference.

How to choose a paper container?  

1. Look at the color. For example, when buying white paper containers, choose the products with lighter printing color, but if the paper products are too white, it may be due to the addition of a large number of fluorescent brightening agents or impurities, it is recommended not to use them.

2. Look at the leakage. Let's take a paper cup, for example. If it's a regular paper cup, distinguish between cold and hot drinks.   Cold drink cups are mainly used to hold frozen drinks and carbonated drinks.   The seals on the sides and bottom of a cold drink cup cannot withstand higher temperatures than a hot drink cup.   But if you use the paper cup of the designated material of Sowinpak, you can have a wide temperature range, a cup of multi-purpose, cold and hot drinks are leakproof.  

3. Look at the stiffness. Excellent paper food containers are hard and elastic, poor paper food containers are often very soft after pinching up, no elasticity. It is recommended to buy a pinch, as far as possible to buy the container wall and container mouth stiff and flexible.  

So that's Sowinpak's "How to Buy Paper Food Containers?". Everybody got it? If you want to know more about the relevant content of paper containers, welcome to contact us. We will be dedicated to serving you. I hope the above content will help you. Thank you!