The best choice under the international environmental trend


Plastic pollution has become one of the most important environmental pollution problems in the world. Most countries have begun to implement plastic restrictions or even bans in order to solve this common global problem.

However, the solution to the environment is not immediately achieved, it needs a gradual process. Aqueous coating is born of this opportunity of environmental protection and biodegradable products. So what is aqueous coating? What are its unique features? Read on to find out more.

In simple terms, the aqueous coating is a form of barrier that is applied through a water-based dispersion of heat-seal adhesive onto paperboard. Because it greatly reduces the plastic percentage compared with traditional PE/PP/PLA coating or lamination, it is a coating product with eco-friendly and bio-degradable. That is why aqueous coating is widely used by environmentally responsible companies in the packaging industry after the plastic restriction.

Aqueous coating is currently the most environmentally friendly and the most promising coating product to be used in the short term. As an alternative to traditional plastic and PLA cutlery, Sowinpak has responded to the international call for plastic reduction by developing a aqueous coating range. Not only does it include a wide range of packaging products (paper cups, paper lids, paper straws, paper cutlery, etc.), it is also certified plastic-free and recyclable, PFAS-free by Fluxix. Not only does it have a very comprehensive product know-how and high level of quality control standards, the whole process is controllable. We also have our own coating machines and medium and high speed molding machines to ensure production capacity and provide stable supply from coating to finished products. In addition, all aqueous coating products are available with customized packaging solution design~

This article is not about us, it's about you - and how our team can help you and your business. We welcome you to do your part in global sustainability with Sowinpak !


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