Analysis of the main characteristics of environmentally friendly tableware


With social progress and technological development, people are more and more aware of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the further introduction of my country's plastic restriction order, more and more products have been replaced by environmentally friendly products. For example, environmentally friendly tableware has begun to replace some takeaway and packaging tableware and lunch boxes. The following is a brief analysis of the main characteristics of environmentally friendly tableware.

1. No pollution

First of all, the first feature of environmentally friendly tableware is its non-polluting. Because environmentally friendly tableware usually uses some natural degradable materials, such as the most common wheat straw or edible paper, these types of materials are converted into standard tableware through high temperature compression, which is eventually used by humans. If it is used, it will not cause any damage to the human body at this time, because it does not contain any toxic substances. After use, if it is abandoned in nature, because it is made of wheat straw and esters, it will be easily decomposed by some bacteria in nature, so that it can be degraded naturally, which will affect the overall natural environment. There is no damage, so this is the most important feature of environmental protection supervisors.

2. Degradable

Another very important feature of environmentally friendly tableware is its own degradability. In the previous paragraph, it has been briefly mentioned that because of the material of the environmentally friendly lunch box itself, it is very easy to be degraded by bacteria in nature, so that it will not cause any pollution to the natural world. It can also be extracted separately here. One point is the degradability of environmentally friendly lunch boxes. Because the materials used in the environmentally friendly lunch boxes are materials from nature, unlike the previous supervisor boxes, which are made of some polyester plastics. Polyester plastics cannot be decomposed by bacteria in nature after making lunch boxes, and environmentally friendly lunch boxes use organic biological materials, so this material can be degraded by bacteria, so it cannot cause damage to nature.