What is the MAP?


At present, the commonly used methods of food preservation (or quality preservation) mainly include chemical preservation, general freezing preservation, vacuum high temperature sterilization, high hydrostatic pressure water treatment, gas preservation and gas-controlled preservation. MAP packaging preservation is a new preservation technology developed on the basis of the above traditional preservation methods. In fact, MAP (Modified atmosphere packaging) is a noun applied to air conditioning packaging technology, commonly used in the field of food packaging, can be defined as "a technology to adjust the gas environment of food in materials that can prevent the entry and exit of gas".

The principle of MAP is to use packaging materials with gas barrier properties to package food, and fill a certain proportion of O2+CO2+N2, N2+CO2, and O2+CO2 mixed gases into the package. The gas composition in the package is initially regulated during storage, so as to prevent food decay and deterioration, maintain the quality of food during normal shelf life or extend its shelf life. MAP packaging technology does not require high temperature sterilization, so it can ensure the taste, taste and nutritional ingredients of the original food, and truly ensure the original juice, appearance and flavor of the food. It is suitable for all kinds of snacks, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. For example, all kinds of fresh livestock and poultry, aquatic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, supermarket distribution centers need to keep fresh all kinds of food, even pet snacks, special medical products.

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