Restriction proposal by 5 MS pre-published on 7 February 2023, PFAS have become a target for restrictions because: – Very high persistence (themselves or degradation products), high mobility, for some associated with bioaccumulation and other hazards (ED, ecotoxicity, CMR).


PFAS are often referred to as the ‘forever chemicals’ because of their extreme persistence in the environment. Some forms of PFAS can take over 1000 years to degrade. This persistence is why the actions we take today have such a huge effect on the state of our world tomorrow. The chemicals left behind could be damaging the environment for thousands for years.


Studies have shown links between PFAS exposure and a wide range of human health concerns, from growth, learning, and behavioural problems, to cancer, immune system disorders, fertility issues and obesity.


Under the plastic ban, bagasse has become the perfect substitute for plastic for countless businesses. Most bagasse packaging on the market contains PFAS, and PFAS-Free bagasse packaging is less oil resistant. At this point, you can consider paper packing, paper packing lightness, processing, and printing performance. There are a variety of materials available on the market for customers to choose from. In addition, depending on the conditions of food contact, special coatings can be chosen to enable microwave and oven heating capabilities. Customers can customize food packaging solutions to meet market demand by using distinctive combinations.


At the same time, paper food packaging can meet the needs of sustainability PFAS free and functionality. All of our Sowinpak's products are PFAS-free! Our products have been fluoride-free tested byauthoritative accreditors and we can provide the corresponding test reports.