Practice sustainable PLA application


Worldwide, environmental problems such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, water scarcity and plastic pollution are becoming increasingly serious. Microplastic pollution, in particular, is damaging the natural environment, including the marine environment. There have even been reports claiming that nanoplastics, smaller than microplastics, already exist in the human body.

If we are to live sustainably now and in the future, we must adopt sustainable solutions, for which Sowinpak has been working to introduce environmentally friendly options to the food packaging industry. PLA series products are the new environmental choice created for customers by Sowinpak in the process of implementing this concept.

Because biodegradable materials are one of the solutions that can alleviate the problem of microplastic pollution, and the typical biodegradable material is PLA (polylactic acid). It is a bio-based and biodegradable material that can help reduce the carbon footprint and can be broken down into environmentally beneficial substances under natural conditions. At the same time, the PLA paper cup produced by Sowinpak is a degradable product, under certain environmental conditions, but also has good moisture resistance, oil resistance and airtightness, stable performance at room temperature, good gloss. It can automatically produce carbon dioxide and water when the temperature is higher than 55℃ or under the action of rich oxygen and microorganisms, which can reduce environmental pollution. It is an environment-friendly material.

If you are passionate about sustainability and want to provide your customers with renewable, biodegradable products, look no further! We produce truly sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to non-degradable, disposable plastic cutlery and take-out packaging. Visit our website to order or learn more about Sowinpak & products!

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