Paper bag’s usage will become the mainstream trend


Today's living standards are constantly improving. we are more and more strict on the safety of food and packaging environmental protection requirements. We can see paper bags everywhere in the street. Some people carry some brands and food paper bags, so paper bag packaging will open the development of the packaging industry.

Our Sowinpak paper bags are perfect for carrying different foods: fruit, barbecue, bread, and so on. Why do we choose paper bags instead of plastic bags? Let’s show you the advantage of the paper bag as below:

  1. High strength

  High strength paper and handle, not easy to break or tear.

  1. Cost-effective

It not only has good quality, affordable prices are also the reason we are keen to choose it.

  1. Eo-friendly

Comply with different environmental regulations and can choose to use RECYCLED and VIRGIN paper.

  1. Customizable

Available in custom size, design and brand printing, conductive to highlight brand features.


The use rate of paper bags in the food industry is gradually increasing, and many big brands, such as KFC, Starbucks, McDonald's, etc., are in use, which further shows that environment-friendly paper bags will be one of the mainstream trends in the future development of paper bags, and will also get good praise in the food packaging industry!

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