Sowinpak also focuses on paper plates


Today we are going to introduce paper plates .

Sowinpak has several types of paper plates, such as:

Round paper plates, oval paper plates, rectangular paper plates. Here are some material options you can choose from: Kraft/white/bamboo + grease barrier. This will also work nicely with paper cutlery such as cake knives/cake forks.

The advantages of paper plates over plastic ones are as follows:

1. Available in custom-sized, patterned and branded prints, the line is designed to highlight the brand's identity.

2. It has a variety of embossed patterns that improve the stiffness of the paper and is more popular with consumers.

3. It can be microwaved with food.

4. Materials are easy to recycle, and degradable materials are optional.


When going out for a picnic or throwing a party, paper plates are the perfect solution. Porcelain and glass plates are too heavy to carry or handle, and plastic plates have been criticized as environmentally unfriendly. But paper plates, made from paper and food-grade materials, are lightweight, indestructible and recyclable and can be used for cakes, breads, fruit, salads and other foods. When you are done, you can discard them in a recyclable bin instead of cleaning or putting them back. It will be seen that the paper plate is highly convenient for our carrying and use.

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