Paper raw material - bamboo


Sowinpak uses a variety of paper ingredients, of which bamboo is the most commonly used.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the healthiness of their food and the environmental protection of their packaging, so Sowinpak also produces numerous different types of bamboo food packaging.

  Why do we use bamboo? Let us quickly break it down:

1. Bamboo, a cellulose fiber derived from naturally growing bamboo.

2. It is characterized by excellent air permeability, strong wear resistance, and excellent dyeing.

3. It has natural anti-bacterial, anti-mite, deodorant and anti-UV properties.

4. Extensive and robust resource availability, mainly manifested in the short growing period of bamboo, which can grow into a tree in 2-3 years and can be managed for an extended period at a single planting. Bamboo can grow to 3 feet in height in a single night, can grow and regenerate rapidly, and can replace cotton, wood, and other resources for sustainable use;

5. Bamboo paper with aqueous coating is recy-clable and degradable, in line with todays environmental trend.

In this way, the use of bamboo is well deserved by consumers.


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