Check out the professional printing ability of Sowinpak


New development brings new demands! 

To provide customers with high-quality service and meet the changing market challenges, we are equipping the new printing machine of Heidelberg: UV Offset Printing Machine (7+1 Colors), which is well-known for its highly intelligent features and printing efficiency. 

When it comes to UV curable offset printing, it applies to a wide range of substrate materials, especially paper in perfect printing results. And it is well known that UV curable offset printing has higher efficiency than traditional offset printing. It has several advantages with fast-drying, clean printing, green material, and rub resistance. 

Using flexible high-precision equipment, Sowinpak can achieve perfect data and color management easily. And the print of products no matter color temperature, brightness, or saturation is more accurate and can help your brand achieve market goals with standardized and industrialized supply strength.

Sowinpak has developed a standardized internal communication process -- the drawing template, which can effectively integrate information and make every part of the production process accurately executed. By using Pantone color cards and standard four-color chromatography, Sowinpak ensures the standardization of printing colors, and the Heidelberg UV Offset Printing Machine (7+1 Colors) we use provides the guarantee for the final printing results.