What is the difference between paper disposable tableware and others?


The range of disposable tableware

Disposable tableware generally refers to the consumable tableware used only once. These products are so convenient that consumers do not need to worry about cleaning and carrying after use. Almost all restaurants provide disposable tableware for customers to choose from. 

What is the difference between paper disposable tableware and others?

Tableware on the market

By far, the most common tableware on the market is plastic tableware. As the concept of environmental protection takes root in people's minds, more and more consumers are willing to choose eco-friendly materials, such as paper, CPLA, bamboo, molded fiber and wood.

What is the difference between paper disposable tableware and others?

Appearance and characteristics of paper tableware

Paper tableware is easy to shape with good strength. Different paper and coating materials have different characteristics. Sowinpak can be customized and developed products to meet the needs of the customer. It is optional with special materials to meet the requirements of printing, high-temperature resistance, freeze refrigeration, oil and water resistance, high stiffness, and so on.

The advantages of paper tableware

The fact has deeply rooted in the hearts of people that plastic cutlery causes pollution and damage to the environment. And then, bamboo and wood tableware are prone to cracking, products with their own plant fiber texture, stiffness also varies. Molded fibers are made from a blend of other natural plant materials.

Therefore, Sowinpak’s paper tableware has more advantages:

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable 

Products manufactured by Sowinpak are EU/FDA certified, PFAS-free and recyclable food-grade packaging.

2. Stable property

Sowinpak purchases paper from regular suppliers that the material is stable and the color is clean, the material has passed FSC certification.

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