Suggestions for distinguishing high-quality ice cream paper cups/tubs


The quality directly affects the value of use. It is an important factor which determines the efficiency of commodity use and affects commodity prices. Even for the same product, there will be huge difference because of various factors in quality, such as technical and technological levels, and the use of raw materials.

How do we distinguish high-quality ice cream paper cups/tubs?

1. Observe the tightness of the package

Generally, ice cream cups and ice cream tubs should be sealed in plastic packaging bags. The packaging bags should not be damaged. If not, paper cups may easily be polluted.

Sowinpak can provide three types of packaging with good sealing properties to meet customer needs.  The first is heat shrink packaging using POF co-extruded film, the second is the packaging method using LDPE high-pressure bags, and the last is the use of HDPE low-pressure bags for packaging. All of them are great to protect the packaging without damage.

2. Observe the appearance of the package

The rim of the ice cream cup/tub should be smooth and undamaged, the body of the cup/tub should be uniform in thickness, free of impurities, and the bottom of the cup/tub should be intacted without cracks or creases.

3. Observe the stiffness of the package

Try to choose paper ice cream tubs(关键词) and cups with a thick and stiff wall. When choosing an ice cream cup/tub, you can gently squeeze the wall of the cup/tub with your hands to roughly know the cup's body stiffness. The other method is trying to test the bearing capacity of the ice cream cup/tub.

 4. Observe the printing of the package

The printed patterns of good-quality ice cream cups/tubs have a uniform color and a clear outline. Customized printing ice cream containers can meet customer and market needs.

5. Observe the smell of the package

Inferior ice cream cups/tubs have a pungent odor due to poor material and ink quality. Using such cups/tubs is harmful to the body. Great quality ice cream cups/tubs should have no smell or only have a faint odour.