Why choose the eco-friendly Fanpak suit


As we all know, with the continuous development of the takeaway business, the demand for disposable tableware is increasing. Paper food packaging, easy recycling, and degradation characteristics can effectively reduce environmental pressure. Our Fanpak, as the restaurant takeaway packaging of choice, has the following advantages.

Available in customized sizes and materials

Fanpak is available in sizes from 500ml to 1000ml and can be customized according to customer requirements. At the same time, we have kraft paper, white cardboard, and bamboo fiber paper, three kinds of paper materials, to meet customers' purchasing needs.

Fitting lids 

Our Fanpak containers comes with a choice of paper and plastic lids. Plastic lids provide visibility into the content, while paper lids are more environmentally friendly and insulation effective with beautiful design. 

Easy to stack and pack

The neat shape makes the Fanpak ideal for takeaway, as it stacks perfectly in packaging.