Why choose Sowinpak's hot drink paper lid?


Compared with plastic, paper has lower environmental pollution. 

If plastic packaging is thrown away, it would take 200 years to be degraded while the paper packaging can be biodegraded in several months.

As an accessory of disposable cups, the lid is usually thrown away, it will create pollution while is non-biodegradable. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose biodegradable materials for lids.
Would it be possible to design a biodegradable lid that people could take a sip of at any time without spilling over? 

The design originates from life! The space for innovation is constantly improving, and coffee lids always have different requirements that need to be met. For this reason, different forms of biodegradable cup lids be designed out.

Sowinpak provides two new-type paper lids for you to choose from! Different from plastic lids, our hot drink paper lids are made of heavy-duty cardboard, in line with today’s environmental trends. They are stackable which can save space and reduce storage and transportation costs. 

The sip hole makes it more convenient to drink directly. The special design with the convex sip can raise the height to protect the milk froth on the coffee.

The user drinks coffee directly from the raised mouthpiece on the lid, and it looks like pursing the mouth. 

You can open the paper cover plate of the lid, and enjoy both hot and cold drinks directly or use a straw, whatever you like. Because our hot drink paper lid is PFAS-Free, which complies with international regulations and standards, harmless to the human body.

Our hot drink paper lids can be customized in different sizes and various designs. They are leakproof and great for cold and hot drinks. And they can be recycled with paper cups together, this means there is no need for garbage sorting. 
Sowinpak hot drink paper lid is a product that replaces plastic lid and completely reduces plastic, in line with today's environmental trend. If you are interested in our extensive range of biodegradable covers, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.