Why choose eco-friendly paper cutlery?


The global environment is deteriorating and people are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment. With the further introduction of plastic restriction, more and more plastic products are replaced by environmentally friendly paper products. The food industry has been the first to bear the brunt, and a variety of environmentally friendly paper tableware is being used in large quantities, so why use paper tableware? What advantages does it have?

First of all, paper tableware as an alternative to plastic tableware, has a prominent advantage-environmental protection. Compared to non-biodegradable plastic products, environmentally friendly paper is completely biodegradable, and paper tableware is not only degradable but also compostable under specific materials. Not to add to the burden of the environment while also benefiting the soil environment!

Secondly, paper tableware is safe and healthy. Whether entertaining friends and family or home use, environmentally friendly paper tableware is healthy and safe tableware. Whether it is refrigerator freezing or oven microwave, the specific material of paper tableware can be achieved, and will not produce harmful substances, to ensure human health.

Finally, paper tableware also has flexible design, rich and diverse choices, and the printing effect is greatly superior to plastic tableware. And Sowinpak can give personalized service for various material, coating and size choices through our professional service team, and also provide flexible food packaging solutions. Our products such as Fanpak, hamburger box, paper straw, paper spoon, paper lids, paper plates, custom Pizza Box, paper lunch box, etc. are very hot-selling, welcome interested customers to inquire!