The importance of green packaging


Green packaging design is a packaging design process with the core concepts of environment and resources. Specifically, it refers to the selection of appropriate green packaging materials and the use of green process methods to carry out structural modeling and beautifying decoration design for packaged goods.

material element

Material elements include basic materials (paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials, cortex materials and other composite materials, etc.) and auxiliary materials (adhesives, coatings and inks, etc.) It is the material basis for the realization of the three major functions of packaging (protection, convenience and sales), and is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, production and processing methods, and packaging waste recycling and other issues.

The material selection in green packaging design should follow the following principles:

Lightweight, thin, easy-to-separate, high-performance packaging materials;

Recyclable and renewable packaging materials;

Edible packaging materials;

Degradable packaging materials;

Natural ecological energy packaging materials developed by using natural resources;

Use paper packaging as much as possible.

Try to use the same material for packaging.

As far as possible, the packaging can be reused, not just the packaging material can be recycled and reused. (Like a standardized pallet, it can be reused dozens or even thousands of times)