• Production Capacity

    We have advanced equipment and capabilities

    sintering process

    Research and development capability of various magnet materials

    To make and design different kinds of magnet raw materials based on customers’ requirements.

    Various design and manufacturing capabilities for various environmental protection requirements;

    To design, modify and make different PVC material formula to meet ROSH, REACH, PAHS, FDA, ASTM and other standards.

    PVC particles
    A corner of the extrusion workshop

    Best color matching for various plastic products according to color cards and real samples;

    To make the best color options for customers based on PANTONE color, RAL color and physical samples.

    Mould design, manufacturing and proofing of plastic extrusion products;

    Capable of making extrusion and injection tooling, and also 3D samples.

    Large production unit

    Tailor-made for various special plastic extrusion products

    To make customized extrusion PVC profile which needs to be drilled, 45 degrees cutting, any special shape of punched holes which meet high accuracy standard and small tolerance.

    It has the ability to detect the physical properties of PVC particles, profiles and other products

    PVC profile mould

    High-quality, high-demand product production process control capabilities

    We have very strong assemble dept to do all kinds of packaging job.

    We have high quality control process before, in and after mass production.

    Follow-up processing and assembly of extruded profiles, pipes and other products

    Toy rack assembly process
    Wheat, packing

    Process technical guidance services from PVC particles to extruded profiles

    Ability to mass produce and export globally.