• This is a biodegradable ice cream cup made of paper. It is a completely degradable organic food packaging. It is widely used worldwide, not only for hotels, catering companies, restaurants, festivals, but also for gardening, birthdays or other parties, weddings , Company events and other important occasions. It is the most suitable tableware for batch use.

    Looking for printed ice cream cups? Then we warmly welcome you to sowinpak. Here, you can print your ice cream cup individually. For example, we make sure to print your own logo on your sundae so that you can promote your company or your brand in an original way. You can get our printed 300ml ice cream cup from 1,000 cups.

    Our printed ice cream cups are of high quality. These ice cream cups have a double coating, which makes them particularly suitable for (ice) cold products. Since these cups do not emit unpleasant smells or tastes, you can also use these cups as the best choice for tasting various products. Using these ice cream cups, you can best promote your product, brand or company.

    We do not charge any design fees for a single design, nor do we charge any freight for standard delivery. Therefore, all prices include all costs, and we do not deal with any hidden costs. We have a company in China, where we can produce larger orders. Do you want to order more personalized cups and print them out? Request a quote now!